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  • Allied Acetone A-Grade


    Allied Acetone A-Grade solvent is highly effective for cleaning all resin based products such as laminating brushes, paddle rollers and all other fibreglass related tools, removing of uncured resin, thinning of paint, removing of wax build-up on GRP moulds and general cleaning where solvents are required. Do not use on plastic.

    Please observe the health and safety data as Acetone is highly flammable.

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    Allied Acetone Refined

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    Allied G4 Polyurethane Thinners

    Allied G4 Polyurethane Thinners is used for G4 and G8 Super. It improves the flow and penetration of G4/G8 Super coatings. Polyurethane Thinners is also used as a cleaning agent for tools used to apply these materials.

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    Allied Laquer Thinners A-Grade

    Allied Laquer Thinners A-Grade is a superior quality, multipurpose solvent blend specially formulated to dilute lacquer based paints, as well as to clean brushes, rollers and tools in general.