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    Allied Casting Resin (232PA) – Standard Casting Resin

    A pre-accelerated rigid polyester resin designed for the manufacture of good colour laminates or castings. A great general purpose low viscosity casting resin that handles well with a high filler loading. It is fast curing for good production, readily pigmentable and is suitable for construction of thick laminates and castings due to it’s low exotherm.

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    Allied Casting Resin (Polylite 32032-20) – Ultra Clear Casting Resin

    A low reactivity, orthophthalic, pre-accelerated, clear polyester casting resin suitable for numerous decorative casting applications, requiring good colour and high clarity. It may be used for embedding botanical and zoological specimens, as well as advertising exhibits. When fully cured it is a hard solid which can be sawed, drilled, sanded and polished to give a high quality surface finish. It is UV stabilized for improved weather resistance, acrylic modified to create the refractive index of glass and has a low viscosity for easier air release.