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    Allied Clear Finishing/Wax Sanding Resin (237PA)

    Allied Clear Finishing/Wax Sanding Resin (237PA) is a clear finishing, unsaturated polyester resin specifically designed for surfacing of surfboards/sailboards, boats and other applications. This resin will cure in the presence of air to a hard, tack-free and moisture resistant surface. Allied Clear Finishing/Wax Sanding Resin (237PA) is non air-inhibited, light stabilised and is a rigid, low reactivity, low viscosity pre-promoted resin for room temperature cure with Methyl Ethyl Ketone peroxide.

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    Allied G8 Clear Polyurethane Sealant (UV Stable)

    G8 PRIMER & SEALANT is a one component, practically non yellowing clear polyurethane coating for wood, metal and plastics that are resistant to solvents, as it contains solvents. However, it does not contain an additional UV light absorber. G8 PRIMER & SEALANT is applied in thin layers and hardens with moisture after the solvent is released. It has good resistance to all the usual chemicals and cleaners. The adhesion to wood, concrete and sanded polyester laminates is excellent, to metal and glass reasonable.

    G8 PRIMER & SEALANT hardens rapidly. It is tack free after approx. 2 to 4 hours. The surface is highly impact resistant, tough and durable.
    G8 PRIMER & SEALANT has a good resistance to weathering, hardly yellows and provides a long lasting gloss surface.
    For full mechanical and chemical resistance it should be allowed to harden for, at least, 7 days at 20°C.
    G8 PRIMER & SEALANT is chemically resistant against low concentrations of acids and alkalis at room temperature.