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    Allied Bonding Paste/Fibre Putty

    Allied Bonding Paste/Fibre Putty is a filled, unsaturated polyester adhesive paste with a tenacious bond. It is non-sagging and can be used for filleting. The cured material has good adhesion to a variety of substrates including GRP, steel, aluminium, wood and brick. The bonding paste contains a blue catalyst colour change indicator. Once catalyst is added the blue colour of the indictor disappears to reveal the natural off-white colour of the bonding paste.

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    Allied Pregel (PA)

    Allied Pregel (PA) has been specially formulated for use as a thixotropic additive in polyester resins. Allied Pregel (PA) is a pink, preaccelerated highly thixotropic paste which when used in polyester resin confers thixotropic properties for use in laminating or gelcoat applications. Resins with sufficient amounts of Allied Pregel (PA) can be applied to vertical or inclined surfaces with minimal drainage. Being a highly thixotropic, clear paste, Allied Pregel (PA) can be used in general bonding applications.