K7666 63µ Flash Tape

Manufactured from polyester film, coated with high performance silicone adhesive, K7666 pressure sensitive tapes are used for multi-purpose functions: holding down vacuum bagging materials, thermocouple wires, masking-off and protection.

  • Can be used in a range of applications including vacuum moulding or vacuum infusion, in oven or autoclave.
  • Good chemical resistance.
Sealant Tape LSM4000 140°C

Polyvalent sealant tape recommended for room temperature applications and able to undergo exothermic temperature up to 140°C.

  • Economic and ideal for use on metallic composite tools.
  • Especially developed for wind blade producers working in high humidity and high temperature environment.
  • Easy to release from the tools once the mould has cooled down to room temperature.
  • No contamination on the mould surface.