Allied Gelcoat White (22PA/E) is an isophthalic, durable white polyester gelcoat specially formulated to give excellent levelling and air release properties. The gelcoat is thixotropic and preaccelerated, with its viscosity and thixotropy having been optimised so that it flows evenly and sagging is minimised on inclined and vertical surfaces.

Allied Gelcoat White (22PA/E) is a resilient and impact-resistant gelcoat suitable for general mouldings where excellent durability and weather resistance are a requirement. The rheology of Allied Gelcoat White (22PA/E) ensures that it can be brush applied readily without the typical drag resistance and brush marks.

Allied Gelcoat White (22PA/E) is suitable for use on boat hulls that are subjected to long term immersion in water, and displays good resistance to a variety of chemical environments.

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