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    Allied MEKP/HARDENER/CATALYST – Standard Cure

    MEKP (Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide) Catalyst for polyester and vinylester resin as well as gelcoat and topcoat systems.

    MEKP Catalyst is typically used as a polyester resin catalyst, fibreglass catalyst or vinylester resin catalyst at a ratio of between 1 and 3%, according to the pot-life and cure speed required and the ambient temperature.

    Always follow the guidelines that accompany your specific resin system.

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    Allied Opaque Pigment Paste

    Allied Opaque Pigment Pastes are all of the highest quality and manufactured using stable, colourfast and lightfast pigments. Please refer to the pigment loading percentages as a guideline only for Allied Poolcoat & Topcoat Clear/Natural – ISO NPG (73PA/E) as well as Allied Gelcoat Clear (22PA/E) . These can be found on the Colour Chart, next to the name of the colour. The pigment loading for resin is usually a maximum of 5%.


    *Please note that this colour chart only serves as a general guide for colours available and cannot be used to determine exact matches. It is strongly suggested that you visit us in store to collect a colour swatch to match more accurately.

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    Allied XL Polishing Compound/Cream

    Allied XL Polishing Compound/Cream is a polishing paste of white, creamy consistency. With it’s finely abrasive action, this product removes scratches, fine blemishes and plain overspray, leaving a high luster finish. Suitable for compounding by hand or machine.