Chemlease 15 Sealer

Chemlease 15 Sealer is a high performance sealer developed to condition and seal mold surfaces, reduce mold porosity and act as a base for new or reconditioned molds.

Chemlease Mould Cleaner

Mold Cleaner MC-501 is a combination of powerful stripping agents and solvents which attack resinous buildup and removes it from molds. It is specially formulated to remove waxes, silicones, contaminants and resin buildup from molds, both during basic mold preparation and during regular on-line operations.

Chemlease PMR75 Release Agent

Chemlease PMR is a unique semi permanent mould release system developed specifically for the polyester molding industry.

Marbocote 227 CEE

Manufactures a complete range of release agents and mould coatings that are used throughout the world by all the leading manufacturers of automotive, truck and solid tyres, making Marbocote the product of choice for all major tyre manufacturers.
Marbocote has continued the advancement of semi-permanent release technology to give the most durable release film combined with the maximum release performance. These properties combine to give our customers significant process benefits and cost savings.