Crystic® Vinyl Ester Resin 679PA

Crystic® VE 679PA is a pre-accelerated, thixotropic, DCPD modified, vinyl ester resin.

Crystic® VE 679PA has been developed for use as a skin coat in marine and tooling applications. It has excellent blister resistance and significantly reduces the occurrence of print through, to produce durable mouldings with an enhanced surface finish.

Crystic® Vinyl Ester Resin VE671

Crystic Resin VE671 is a quick curing non accelerated and non thixotropic epoxy bisphenol vinylester resin with outstanding chemical resistance to a wide range of substances at room and elevated temperatures. Suitable for laminating and filament winding. It has Lloyds approval and can be used in Marine, Chemical resistant, Building and Construction, Industrial and Transportation applications.